I started this guache & watercolor painting, with love on the brain. Although my mood ebbed and flowed while painting I began to think of experiences and observations I’ve had. I had thoughts mostly of the woman. Falling hard and fast for a lover. Dropping her guard and exposing her deepest feelings to a man. All the while oblivious to what he hasn’t revealed. Blissfully unbothered by her own transparency.

Crazy that this stage is the exciting one. Fearless, uninhibited expression takes place. The man plays his part contributing passion in juicy increments. Yet guarded and cautious. Careful not to make any promises or serious commitments. Participating as though in a trance. Both people in a heated dance.

The above thought process guided me into mixing orange, lots of red, Browns, all glowing in her skin. She looks heated, raw, and illuminated, all at once. He is handsome his face betraying his desire to not give into feelings. Glowing probably where she left her kisses.

18X24 Guache & Watercolor on Mixed Media Paper.