I am convinced that cousins that grow up playing together, spending -da-night, fighting, laughing, getting in trouble, and everything else. You develop a bond that is unbreakable.
That is until God says it’s done.
I was just telling Reuben that Meko used to put ketchup on his grits. Kisha and I couldn’t stand watching him eat it that way, but you know.
Meko was the cousin who’d pick on you then come and check on you cause he didn’t mean it. He’d have your back- chiropractic.
Meko had energy that even my wild self couldn’t always match.
We all have had so many accidents together and apart. So much that I can’t stop this sinking of my heart.
My heart hurts with this loss.
I guess I fooled myself into thinking we were impenetrable. Forgot to remember that even one of our tight-ass-Cousin crew, could pass.
It never mattered about the months before and after summer. Only summer mattered.
Where I only have one sister, my male cousins gave me that brotherly experience. Sticking up for me, fighting with me, four wheeling, and dirt biking with me. We saw each other get in trouble and we saw each other excel, show off, and party.
I didn’t have to see you or talk to you for these years.
Our bond as cousins was unbreakable. That’s why hearing you’re gone breaks my heart. I love you Ivory James Jr. Aka Meko. You will be greatly missed. Cups up to my cousin Meko. Damn man.

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Unconventional, unique, curious, ambitious, determined. I have a strong mind and working on a strong body. I love color. Colors in my outfits and colors in my art.

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