The Freedom Collection

The Freedom Collection was inspired by my desire to express the emotions of my peers, family, friends, and other relationships of the African diaspora. I aimed to illustrate my favorite arts, as well as beauty, black love, history, and reality.

I want any viewer to momentarily get lost, in each piece. I want the viewer’s mind to create its own story from what it sees.

The Freedom Collection is also a celebration a wonderful talents, most known through Black expression. All of the things that the African Diaspora has done, will do, and of course will continue to do. A celebration of the free spirit, which will never be tamed, trapped, or enslaved. And a celebration of the beauty of every hue, curve, Loc,tress, or curl.

Owning a piece of this collection is like having a balloon, that never pops. A celebration of colors, life, blackness, love, and success.

I’m happy to present this collection to the public for the first time in September 2019, at I Am Cafe Ashland. The cute little Café is located at 16395 E. 14th Ave. San Lorenzo, Ca. The Freedom Collection will be on display for the entire month of September. Please stop in, enjoy a small meal, and tag me @artbytararocker.

Published by ArtistTRocker

Unconventional, unique, curious, ambitious, determined. I have a strong mind and working on a strong body. I love color. Colors in my outfits and colors in my art.

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