I go through phases of feeling inadequate. Circumstances and anxiety influence me to look at myself negatively, both physically and mentally.

This time the lightening struck I was ready to fight back. Why not love myself as it is, in this moment. It doesn’t mean I won’t exercise or improve other areas of my life. It just means I accept what I see in any moment. Today I’m extra thick. Tomorrow I will still look the same.

This “selfie-portrait”- (picture of a picture I took of myself). This portrait is piece number 7 in my “Exposed” series. Exposed is all 18X24 sheets of mixed media paper. I have used several mediums including; ink, gouache, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, and in “Introspection” (featured), I used graphite, sketch pencils and tinted charcoal.

I hope to demonstrate ways we expose ourselves or express vulnerability. My expressions thus far, range from cartoon to a more realistic perspective. More post from “Exposed” coming soon.

Published by ArtistTRocker

Unconventional, unique, curious, ambitious, determined. I have a strong mind and working on a strong body. I love color. Colors in my outfits and colors in my art.

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