Inspired by a Ballerina.

The 16X20 Charcoal & Pastel in my video was inspired by a photo taken by Paul Torreano. I appreciated the way he captured her, and I was instantly inspired. I also learned an important lesson about being inspired to draw an image that another artist took. I would have gladly paid a fee because once completed this particular image was an instant “fan favorite”. We reached an agreement and I can share my interpretation of his work. I also got to hear from the ballerina who is absolutely amazing to me. I titled it, “Gracefully Woman “. The ballerina/model’s name is Aesha Grace Ash. She’s a mother of two and doesn’t dance professionally anymore, but you would never know looking at her in the photo.

Published by ArtistTRocker

Unconventional, unique, curious, ambitious, determined. I have a strong mind and working on a strong body. I love color. Colors in my outfits and colors in my art.

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