Tara Rocker is a Bay Area native. Raised in Baypoint and Pittsburg, California Rocker eventually settled down in Hayward, Ca. Rocker has been painting and writing since her Middle School years. Rocker first discovered her passion for drawing pictures while in a Middle School art class. Her first drawing received such rave reviews from friends and family that she couldn’t help but continue creating. Rocker attended college in Alabama and Hayward, and despite a love of art and creating she chose a career in Social Work. It wasn’t until the last 5 years that Rocker thought of away to make a business out of her true passion and social work. Art by Tara Rocker is the birth of that Business Plan. Rocker endeavors to deliver art service to the East Bay Area. Rocker offers custom paintings, Illustration services, Art Sessions for Schools and other Learning Centers, Paint Parties, and Book Readings.

As a part of her Art Rocker also writes and illustrates Children’s books. The Adventures of Snook and Gator began as two books that were Published in 2009. Rocker went on to write two more books in the series, with the most recent being titled The Adventures of Snook and Gator: Snook Meets A Buddy. Although Rocker launched her writing career with Children’s Books she encourages her followers to stay tuned for more genres. Rocker offers book readings for parties, classrooms, and other settings.

A wife and mother of two Rocker is excited to share her lifes work with all who are open to art, writing, and wellness.

Mission Statement: To inspire individuals of all ages to fall in love with art. To assist people in uncovering their hidden artistic skill, and develop them into a lifelong passion and coping tool.